Magnet Monitors

Our magnet monitors are specifically designed to instantly alert operators when lifting magnets have reached potentially dangerous current levels. Promote safe use, identify system faults and prevent overheating so you can reduce liability, extend service life and minimize maintenance costs.

Standard Features:

  • NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • High-Resolution Digital Meters
  • 0 – 300 Amps / Volts
  • Door Mounted Indicating Lights and Siren
  • On / Off / Reset Selector Switch
  • NEMA P300 Contacts for Remote Warning Devices

Available Options:

  • Remote Mounted Indicating Lights and Sirens
  • Multiple Magnet Monitoring
  • Interlocked w/ Magnet Controls to Disable Subsequent Lifts
  • Custom Input Power Ranges
  • Lockable Door Clasp
  • Keyed Selector Switch
  • Internal Trip Counter
  • Special Voltage or Current Ranges
  • Custom Mounting Hardware

Magnet Monitor w / Keyed Switch

Magnet Monitor 2 - Keyed Switch

Magnet Monitor w / On-Off Switch

Magnet Monitor 1 - On-Off Switch