Spindle Lifters

Our spindle lifters are devices used for lifting spindle assemblies from the rolling mill during installation and maintenance operations. The lifter utilizes a set of “clamps” sized for the spindle diameter to engage it. The clamps pivot to open allowing the lifter to access the spindle from the top.

This device hangs directly on a crane and is maneuvered by the crane operator. The grips are manually secured to the spindle. A counterweight is included to offset the weight of the spindle.

All of our lifters are engineered and manufactured in full compliance with ASME B30.20, BTH-1 safety and design standards.

Assorted Spindle Clamps

Spindle Lifters 2 - Assorted Grips

Spindle Lifter with Removeable Clamps

Spindle Lifters 1 - 8.5 Ton Capacity Spindle Lifter1

Spindle Lifter with Storage / Maintenance Stand

Spindle Lifters 3 - 8.5 Ton Capacity Spindle Lifter with Stand