Quench Tank Slab Lifters

This device is used to remove metal slabs of various sizes off of a heat treatment table and set into a tank filled with water or oil for quenching.

The unit has an adjustable bail that permits level lifting of the slabs due to multiple combinations of dimensions that it is required to lift.

The lifter lowers into place on one side of the slab where the crane raises until the legs of the device engage the edge of the slab. The crane then lifts the slab and travels to the tank where it submerges both the lifter and slab. After quenching, the apparatus is raised and the slab is placed onto a cooling table.

All of our lifters are engineered and manufactured in full compliance with ASME B30.20, BTH-1 safety and design standards.

Quench Tank Slab Lifter with Adjustable Bail

Slab Lifters 1 - 25 Ton Capacity Quench Tank Slab Lifter
Slab Lifters 2 - Working Shot