Rectangular Scrap Handling Magnets “DSR Series”

Our DSR Series magnets are ideal for loading and unloading rail cars as unlike round magnets, they can easily get into the corners and clean them out.

The devices provide optimum scrap charging capabilities for high production requirements. DSR Series of magnets can lift large volumes of scrap in and out of confined areas and greatly increases lift capacity for each load.

All DSR Series magnets can be custom-designed to maximize the capacity of your crane.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated & Cast Steel Cases
  • High-Impact Resistant Manganese Steel Bottom Plate
  • Grade 80 High Alloy Steel Chain Assemblies
  • Quenched & Tempered Alloy Pins and Collars
  • Ground-Wired Easy Access Terminal Box
  • Wear Resistant Hard-Faced Pole Shoes
  • Deep & Extra-Deep Field Aluminum Wound Coils
  • Class “H” Insulations
  • 230 Volt DC Operation
  • 75% Continuous Duty-Cycles
  • Moisture & Shock Resistant High-Dielectric Compound
  • Watertight Constructions

Typical Applications:

  • Unloading Rail Cars
  • Scrap Charging

Available Options:

  • Copper Wound Coils
  • Special Voltages
  • Custom Sizes

DSR Series Models:

  • DSRA – Deep Rectangular Scrap Aluminum
  • DSRC – Deep Rectangular Scrap Copper
  • EDSRA – Extra-Deep Rectangular Scrap Aluminum
  • EDSRC – Extra-Deep Rectangular Scrap Copper

“DSR Series” Lifting Magnets

Rectangular Scrap Magnets DSR Series 1 - DSR 68120 Rectangular
Rectangular Scrap Magnets DSR Series 2 - Working Shot
Rectangular Scrap Magnets DSR Series 3 - Working Shot