Convector Plate Mill-Duty Magnets “CP Series”

Our CP Series magnets are utilized for the placement and removal of convector plates that are used in steel strip coil annealing furnaces.

The design incorporates continuous duty-cycles, deep field coils and rugged case constructions to handle the challenges of mill-duty environments.

When placed on the auxiliary hook, in tandem with our CH Series coil handling magnets or automatic mechanical coil tongs, you will have an unmatched solution for safety and productivity.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Case
  • Watertight Construction
  • Copper Wound Coil
  • Deep & Extra-Deep Field Design
  • 75% Continuous Duty-Cycle
  • Class “H” Insulations

Typical Applications:

  • Plates
  • Sheets

Available Options:

  • Aluminum Wound Coils
  • Hot Work Designs
  • Special Voltages
  • Custom Sizes

“CP Series” Lifting Magnets

Convector Plate Magnets 1