Ladle Hangers

Our mill-duty ladle hangers, also commonly referred to as ladle beams, are utilized to safely and dependably lift and transfer molten metal.

Custom designed to meet your specific requirements, our hangers provide optimum support for all makes and models of electric overhead traveling cranes.

Standard Features:

  • Forged Steel Sheaves w/ Hardened Grooves
  • Quench & Tempered Sheave Axles w/ Grease Fittings
  • High-Quality Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Hardened Steel Bushings
  • Compliant with CMAA #70, or AISE #6 Specifications

Available Options:

  • Fabricated Steel Sheaves w/ Hardened Grooves
  • Free-Rotating Maintenance Center Hook
  • Quench & Tempered Steel Pins
  • Equalizer Assemblies
  • Fixed Ballast Weights
  • Heat Shields
  • Chase Blocks
  • Ladle Hooks / J-Hooks

Ladle Hangers

Ladle Hangers 3 - Working Shot