Let us help keep your industrial facility up and running safely and effectively with our unrivaled repair and remanufacturing capabilities.

We reclaim the value of Crane Components “Above-the-Hook”, Lifting Devices “Below-the-Hook”, Transfer Equipment “On-the-Ground”, and a wide range of Power Supply Sources and Electrical Control Systems.

Our approach defines exactly what is required to restore service-life, probable causes on why the failure occurred and recommendations on how to minimize reoccurrence.


Coming from years of experience in mill-duty environments, we recognized the need to highlight our process for extending product service-life. As a result, we developed the ReMan® process.

ReMan® incorporates a multitude of OEM specifications and strict rebuild guidelines that provide complete support through:

  • Multi-Point Inspections
  • Failure Analysis
  • Upgrade Options
  • Detailed Quotations
  • Historical Data Tracking

ReMan® delivers trustworthy communication and thorough insight as to what is truly required to restore the safety and dependability of your products.


We take great pride in ensuring you that our remanufactured products will meet or exceed original manufacturers’ specifications.

Incorporating industry standards and specifications, we conduct stringent inspection measures and testing procedures throughout the entire rebuild process and upon completion.

Backed by like-new warranties and our ISO 9001:2015 quality discipline, you can trust that all products will be safe for use and will perform to an optimum level.


Want immediate access to safe, reliable and cost-effective replacements?

Learn more about our Inventory Management capabilities and Core Exchange programs. We work with you to confirm requirements and keep products on-hand to reduce downtime and enhance productivity.



  • Professional Engineers
  • Journeyman Machinists
  • Certified Welders
  • Qualified Technicians

As a result of our commitment to quality, multiple industry-leading OEM’s have endorsed Winkle as an authorized repair and remanufacturing facility.

Reduced Liability & OEM Support Through:

  • Access to Trained Personnel
  • Adherence to Precise Guidelines
  • Cost-Effective Replacement Parts