Battery Back-Up Systems

Our uninterruptable battery back-up systems supply instantaneous, emergency power to lifting magnets when there is a temporary loss in main power. Guard against potential property damage and personal injury by safely securing loads for a set period of time.

Standard Features:

  • 230 VDC Output
  • NEMA 12 Control Enclosure
  • Door Mounted Digital Displays
  • Door Mounted Push-to-Test Button
  • Interlocked w/ Magnet Controls
  • Power and Control Disconnect Knife Switches
  • NEMA 1 Ventilated Battery Enclosures
  • Valve Regulated Industrial Lead Acid Batteries
  • Heavy-Duty Standalone Battery Charger
  • Remote Cab-Mounted Monitoring Station
  • Remote Siren to indicate Magnet-on-Batteries
  • Remote Strobe Light to indicate Magnet-on-Batteries

Available Options:

  • 5 – 60 Minute Holding Times
  • Custom Input and Output Voltages
  • Unitized Skid-Mounted Constructions
  • Outdoor Enclosures
  • Various Battery Types
  • Enclosure Heating and Cooling
  • Radio Controlled Interfaces

Battery Back-Up Controls

Battery Back-up

Battery Back-Up Siren


Battery Back-Up Strobe Light


Battery Charger

Battery Back-Up Systems 1 - Charger

Battery Enclosure

Battery Enclosure
Coffin Style
BBU System