Circular Scrap Handling Magnets “DS Series”

Our industry-leading DS Series magnets are a proven choice for increasing productivity when lifting all types of ferrous scrap metal.

These magnets are engineered with deep and extra-deep field wound coils, robust mechanical constructions and continuous duty-cycles. Collectively, the design features ensure optimum performance without sacrificing durability.

Utilize the full capacity of your crane by choosing from the most diversified portfolio of circular scrap magnets to improve throughput and maximize profitability.

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Standard Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Steel Case
  • High-Impact Resistant Manganese Steel Bottom Plate
  • Grade 80 High Alloy Steel Chain Assembly
  • Quenched & Tempered Steel Pins and Collars
  • Ground-Wired, Easy Access Terminal Box
  • Wear Resistant Hard-Faced Pole Shoes
  • Aluminum Wound Coil
  • Class “H” Insulations
  • 230 Volt DC Operation
  • 75% Continuous Duty-Cycle
  • Moisture & Shock Resistant High-Dielectric Compound

Engineered For:

  • Recycling Industry
  • Railroad Industry
  • Demolition Industry
  • Iron & Steel Industry

Available Options:

  • Heavy-Duty Cast Steel Case
  • Copper Wound Coil
  • Custom Voltages
  • Custom Continuous Duty-Cycles
  • Custom Sizes

DS Series Models:

  • ELDSA – Extra-Light Deep Field Aluminum
  • ELDSC – Extra-Light Deep Field Copper
  • LDSA – Light Deep Field Aluminum
  • LDSC – Light Deep Field Copper
  • DSA – Deep Field Aluminum
  • DSC – Deep Field Copper
  • EDSA – Extra-Deep Field Aluminum
  • EDSC – Extra-Deep Field Copper

“DS Series” Lifting Magnets

Circular Scrap Magnets DS Series 1 - LDSA Scrap Magnet
Circular Scrap Magnets DS Series 2 - Working Shot
Circular Scrap Magnets DS Series 3 - Working Shot